Instant Cash Out

What is Instant Cash Out?
Instant Cash Out is an exciting new way to redeem your reward points. With Instant Cash Out, redemption of your points takes minutes, not weeks. You have many options to choose from, and it's simple to do.

Why should I use Instant Cash Out?
With Instant Cash Out, you can use your reward points much faster. Depending on which options you choose, you could get your gift card and be ready to spend within a few minutes!

If you have a smartphone, Instant Cash Out allows you to carry your gift cards in your smartphone. Because they are in your phone, you never leave them at home, so they are always with you when are shopping. And they aren't cluttering up your purse or wallet.

However if you don't have a smartphone, that's ok too. You can access your gift cards and vouchers via any computer, and then print out a gift card to take to the store when you need to.

How do I redeem my points using Instant Cash Out?
Redeeming RewardsCentral points using Instant Cash Out is fast and easy. In order to request a Cash Out, your RewardsCentral account must be fully verified.
  1. Choose your Flexi eGift Card value. You can choose $20, $50, or $100, depending on how many points you have.
  2. Confirm your selection and click Redeem. Your Flexi eGift Card will be emailed to you, to the email address that you registered in your RewardsCentral account.
  3. Open your Flexi eGift Card, and then choose how you'd like to spend your rewards. There are a variety of egift cards and vouchers from leading shops and brands available. Follow the instructions on the egift card or voucher to redeem.

Important Note: Flexi eGift Cards redeemed from RewardsCentral will expire 3 years from the date you cash out.

I don't have a smartphone. Can I use Instant Cash Out?
Yes, Instant Cash Out does not require a smartphone.

What is Auto Cash Out?
Auto Cash Out is a time saving feature that will automatically send you a Flexi eGift Card once you have enough points. The Flexi eGift Card will be sent to you by email, and can be redeemed at a range of major Australian retailers.

You will automatically receive a $10 Flexi eGift Card via email once you accumulate at least 1,100 points. For Gold members, you only need to accumulate 1,000 points. The points required for the eGift Card will then be deducted from your points account.

Auto Cash Out is optional, and is turned off by default. If you have turned Auto Cash Out on but later change your mind, you can turn off Auto Cash Out at any time.

When will I get my Auto Cash Out eGift Card?
The automatic cash outs are processed only once per day, which means it may be up to 24 hours after reaching the required points before your eGift is emailed to you.

I have Auto Cash Out turned on and more than enough points, why haven't I received my eGift Card?
To be eligible for Auto Cash Out you must have a fully verified account, and you must have not changed your email within the last 7 days. If you changed your mobile number, address or email address recently, check that your account has been verified. If you changed your email address recently, please wait for 7 days. Once 7 days have passed from the day you changed and verified your email address, and once your account is fully verified, the Auto Cash Out will trigger and send you your eGift Card.

What happens if I have more than 2,200 points and I turn on Auto Cash Out?
If you enough points for 2 or more $10 eGift Cards and you turn on Auto Cash Out, you will receive one $10 eGift Card per day until your points balance falls below the required threshold again.

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