Rock Paper Scissors

What is Rock Paper Scissors?

Players challenge each other to a game, which is played until a winner is decided. Players select to throw either a rock (represented by a closed fist Rock), paper (represented by a flat hand Paper), or scissors (represented by a hand with two fingers extended Scissors).

If the two players throw the same item, the throw is a draw, the game continues and the players throw again. If the two players throw different items, one of the players will win and the game ends.

Rock will beat Scissors (a rock can smash a pair of scissors).
Paper will beat Rock (paper can wrap up a rock).
Scissors will beat Paper (scissors can cut paper in half).

All players start at Level 1. Players move up the levels by winning games in succession. The winner of a game proceeds to the next level, while the loser returns to Level 1.

The winner of a game at Level 10 will win 1000 RewardsCentral reward points.

In simple terms, to win 1000 RewardsCentral points, you must win 10 games in a row.

Rock Paper Scissors

What's the difference between a throw, a game, a level, and a tournament?

A throw is a single challenge between two players. For example, Player 1 is playing against Player 2. Player 1 chooses Rock and Player 2 chooses Rock. That would be 1 throw, and in this case, the throw is a draw.

You can think of it like this: you "throw" your selection to the opponent. Eg. you "throw" a rock.

A game is played until there is a winner. So if the first throw is a draw, the same players will play a second throw, and a third, until a winner is decided.

Most games are decided within one or two throws. You have to make selections for 8 throws in case your next game lasts for 8 throws.

If throw 8 of a game is a draw, both players lose (there's about a 0.01% chance of this happening).

Your level is your overall standing in the tournament. You start at Level 1, and you have to pay 1 game token to play the game at Level 1. If you win a game you proceed to the next level, with a free pass to play the next game (no game token required). From Level 5 and above, you have the chance to win points. If you are on Level 10 and you win a game, you win the grand prize!

If at any time you lose a game, you are out of the tournament, and you will have to pay another game token to play again.

You will only be challenging players on the same level as you.

A tournament is a succession of winning games against many different opponents. If you lose a game, then you are out of the tournament. If you win a game, you move up a level and you are still in the running for the tournament prize.

How do I play the game?

Rock Paper Scissors can only be played from 6am to 12am (midnight) Sydney time.
  1. Make sure you are signed in;
  2. Now you have to do make all eight selections of either Rock, Paper, or Scissors. To select, click on either Scissors, Rock, or Paper in each row. Your selections will appear on the right;
  3. Once you have made your selections for 8 throws, press Play Game;
  4. Now you just have to wait for the computer to match you up with an opponent. You can not control who you are matched with. This will usually take about 10 minutes. At the higher levels of the game, it may take hours, days, or even weeks. You are best advised to visit other sections of the RewardsCentral site while waiting for a game to complete. Return to the game page after a short while to see if a result has been decided;
  5. Once the computer matches you with an opponent, it will decide the outcome and the game will be complete. You will see the result in the very first row of your Game History.
You will not be notified if you win or lose a game. The only way to find out is to return to this page and check your Game History.

Do I get any points at all if I don't get to Level 10?

Once you make it to Level 5 and win a game, you can start winning points. You have the choice of claiming the prize, leaving the tournament and starting again with another token, or continuing on to the next level with a chance to win a higher amount.

Win at Level 5 Collect 5 points or continue to Level 6
Win at Level 6 Collect 15 points or continue to Level 7
Win at Level 7 Collect 40 points or continue to Level 8
Win at Level 8 Collect 100 points or continue to Level 9
Win at Level 9 Collect 250 points or continue to Level 10
Win at Level 10 Collect 1000 points

You will only win points if you win a game at level 5 or above and then choose to collect points.

If you lose a game, you will not win any points - regardless of which level you made it up to.

What is the Game History?

Your game history shows the last 20 games you have played. The top game in the list is the most recent.

Click View for a game to see the throws that were played.

The background colour of the table shows how your games are grouped into tournaments.

What are the Game Stats?

The Game Stats table shows the number of players at each level.

The Ready column shows the number of players who have made their selections and are waiting for an opponent.

The Pending column shows the number of players who still need to make their selections for that level.

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