How do I make a donation?
Donating your rewards is very simple.
  1. Sign in to RewardsCentral and click on to the Charity page;
  2. Choose which charity you would like to donate to;
  3. Enter the amount you would like to donate. To be accepted, a donation must be 1,200 points or more.
  4. Press Donate.

Can I donate my points to a charity not listed?
At this time you cannot donate to a charity that is not listed. You can always request a cash out and then donate the rewards yourself.

Can you please add ..... charity to the charity list?
Unfortunately we cannot add any more charities to the list at this time.

Can I get a receipt for taxation purposes?
Unfortunately you can't. Your RewardsCentral rewards are not taxable, so any donations are not tax-deductible.

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