Earning Rewards

Earning Rewards

There are many different ways to earn reward points on RewardsCentral.

Guaranteed earning opportunitiesSign in for guaranteed earning opportunities

To get started earning rewards, when you first visit RewardsCentral just sign in right on the home page. When you are signed in, the left section of the RewardsCentral home page gives you customised links to your earning opportunities for the day. These often include the Quick Survey and Web Clicks, which can be used to earn points regularly. You'll be alerted to any Offers, Email Offers or Surveys you have here as well.

Once you have completed all of your guaranteed earning opportunities, you might like to try out other ways to earn more points.

Check your email for RewardsCentral Email Offers & Surveys

RewardsCentral will send emails and surveys to you when your Rewards Profile matches that required by the advertiser. There are a couple of things you can do to maximize your earning opportunities.

  1. Register your main email address with RewardsCentral... use the email address that you check most often. This will ensure you see the email before the rewards expire.
  2. Keep your Rewards Profile up-to-date. With an updated Rewards Profile, RewardsCentral is more likely to send you emails and surveys.

More ways to earn points
  • Earn interest on your points by depositing them in the eBank
  • Try your luck in the Guessing Game

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